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Training Camp

NILENT’S core educational platform features a series of bite-sized educational videos similar to “Ted Talks” focused on financial literacy, mental health well-being, and social media savvy/brand building.

Our “Module Mentors” consist of a representational group of professional athletes, business school professors, and entrepreneurs offering their unique, real world applicable insights.

Audible (Social Media/Brand Building Training)

How to properly navigate the world of social media to ensure the best results for personal branding and messaging while avoiding potential pitfalls. Salient guidance on business cultivation, monetization, and brand growth while remaining “authentic.” Additional emphasis on platform utilization to engage and benefit social and diversity initiatives.



A broad base of potent financial literacy ranging from the basics of investing, credit scores, and taxation, to navigating endorsement deals, contracts, and retirement planning. The goal is to ensure sound financial decision-making and preparation for the college years and beyond.


Huddle (Mental Health Well-Being Training)

Anxiety, burnout, and stress are some of the psychological obstacles that student-athletes competing at the highest levels face. Society has praised pressure as a “privilege” for these athletes and equated “mental toughness” with success. Here, an appropriate balance between academic responsibilities, social life, and sports is taught. Coping skills, resources, and cautionary tales are provided to make mental health well-being a core component of any successful training.


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