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What We Do

NILENT is the ONLY education platform FREE to every college and university that REWARDS college athletes for increasing their knowledge in three core areas:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Mental Health Well-Being
  • Social Media Savvy/Brand Building

NILENT is focused on providing student-athletes with meaningful real-life education and career transition skills they can take with them when their days on the playing field are over.

NIL isn't 4 years; it's 40!

For Student-Athletes

  • Financial, Social Media, Mental Health Literacy
  • Nurture and Develop Personal Brands
  • Branding and Sponsorship Guidance/Engagement
  • Business Connections and Strategic Relationships
  • Career Development Skills
  • Rewards From Corporate Sponsors

For University Athletic Departments

  • Educational Tools to Meet Financial/Mental Health Literacy Requirements
  • Compliance and Liability Focused 
  • Monitored Engagement and Benchmark Analysis
  • Customizable Platform
  • Social/Diversity Initiatives Focus
  • Recruiting Tools

For Corporate Sponsors

  • Unique Marketing Tool to Capture 18-24 y.o. Demographic
  • Participate in “Feel-Good” Social Media and P.R. Campaign
  • Sponsor Entire Athletic Programs Without Headline Risk of Single Athlete
  • Recruiting Tool For Targeted Hires


  • Unique Tech Tools To Maximize Fan, Donor, Sponsor Engagement
  • Consultative Educational Approach To Ensure Best Practices
  • Introductions to Passive Revenue Generating Opportunities
  • Enhanced Social Media Campaigns

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